Clinton Drops Celine, Picks Up Big Head Todd

Plus: Obama Redeems Himself With Theme Song

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As long as our fixation on politics has gone unabated thus far, SFS thought it'd be important to let readers know where the presidential contenders really stand on an under-reported issue: music.

Hillary Clinton has garnered the most attention for her unfortunate decision to let the public decide her theme song, which turned out to be "You and I," by Celine Dion. Haha! Hill, just because KFC's Famous Bowls are the most popular, it doesn't mean that they won't give you colorectal cancer.

This week Clinton "wised up" and exchanged Celine for Big Head Todd and the Monsters' "Blue Sky," an admittedly less-stomach-churning choice. I mean, if it's good enough for the Space Shuttle Discovery crew and mall hippies, it's good enough for America. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, her main competition, Barack Obama redeemed himself this week -- after bumping down Jeff Tweedy for Macy Gray at his benefit -- by picking a decent campaign theme song: "Work to Do" by Chicago group Kidz in the Hall. It's a sweet, uplifting Al Green jam with tasteful piano lines and even tastier rhymes. The guys were so into it they re-recorded the track with shout-outs to the man himself.

Strangely, almost none of the other candidates in either aisle have picked a theme song yet; maybe they're waiting until the primaries are over before they systematically ruin our favorite oldies.

Where do they really stand?

Presidential candidates have to disclose all kinds of things to the government, but not one of the most important: what kind of tunes they rock in the campaign bus. Compare and contrast the candidates' musical tastes with this handy dandy Songs for Soap election guide:

HILLARY CLINTON: Carly Simon's "Into White"
JOHN EDWARDS: "The River" by Bruce Springsteen, "This Shirt" by Mary Chapin Carpenter and "The Hymn of Promise" by Natalie Allyn Wakeley Sleeth
BARACK OBAMA: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder
DENNIS KUCINICH: Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco, Michael Franti and Spearhead
JOHN MCCAIN: None listed (What are you hiding? We know you like the Beach Boys)
MITT ROMNEY: Roy Orbison, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Kingston Trio, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, Clint Black, and Garth Brooks
MIKE HUCKABEE: "Classic rock, blues, gospel, country and of course, my band -- Capitol Offense."

Source: Facebook, MySpace profiles
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