This Coffee Tastes Like Styx

Rock Java From Billy Bob Thornton's Boxmasters and Other Music-Branded Brew

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If you're looking for some java with a little less hellfire than Dave Mustaine's Legends Cup coffee, CoffeeFool has a few lighter rock roasts to start your day. We're angling for some samples, but in the meantime, here's the descriptions and some wild guesses about what to expect when you crack these bags open.

The Styx Special Brew actually seems pretty dark, sorta like "Kilroy Was Here"; it's an Italian roast that promises a "unique energy that'll keep your buds sufficiently confused, but coming back ... no ... begging for more." Expect proggy notes and a lingering aftertaste well after you thought the song should have been over.

Perhaps the most interesting of the two brews is the Boxmasters Special Brew. Who is that, you ask? It's Billy Bob Thornton's band, of course! But maybe you've never heard of them, because they don't actually have an album out yet. Could this be the first artist tie-in before said artist has actually done anything? We're not totally sure what it'll sound like, but maybe we can extrapolate from the description of their coffee:
Eclectic Kona blend that reeks diner waffle batter with smoky undertones. You know, the kind of joint you'd hang out in Saturday morning, the day after. Fire it up when you're ready to recover like a true hillbilly, or brew it if you just wanna honky tonk your time away.
Yes, this is hangover coffee, maybe another first? We'll give you some more-qualified opinions if the CoffeeFool people will be nice enough to ship us some ....

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