Marketers Sing a Song of Optimism

Coke, Starbucks, CK One Create Branded Tunes to Soothe Economic Worries

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Clearly, advertisers of every stripe are slapping on the happy right now. With consumption falling in roughly equal proportion to national malaise, it doesn't take a marketing genius to decide that hot dogs, cough syrup and blankets with sleeves should all represent happiness. What's more interesting is the way that some marketers have gone about it: creating branded "Hope" anthems, nearly all of which are downloadable.

Here's a sampling -- skewing heavily toward beverages, natch -- of what hope sells like:

CK One: "We Are One"
Artist: Jamie Burke
Coke: "Open Happiness"
Artists: Patrick Stump (Fallout Boy), Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), Brendon Urie (Panic At the Disco), Cee-Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley) and Janelle Monae
Pepsi: "Refresh Anthem"
Artists: Bob Dylan and
Advertising Age Embedded Player
Starbucks: "Grassroots Movement"
Artist: MC Yogi
SoBe: "SoBelieve"
Artist: Neff-U featuring Stacy Barthe

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