Confessions Part III: Usher Wears Lingerie?

R&B Hit Machine Casually Announces New Line of Intimate Wear for Both Sexes

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Usher in men's lingerie
Photo Illustration: Charlie Moran
Woooha picked out this little snippet from a quite ridiculous little blurb about a recent Marlies Dekkers runway show and correctly brought the presses to a screeching halt:
UNDER COVER: Usher turned up at the Marlies Dekkers show Sunday night, apparently trying to get an intimate knowledge of fashion. "You may have heard that I might be launching a lingerie line for men and women," he said, nothing that some of his designs were featured in his new "Trading Places" video. "Comfort and intimacy is very important."
"What is men's lingerie?" wonders Woooha aloud. Well, we're hoping it looks something like this photo illustration above, which creeped us out something fierce while we were making it. But perhaps one can get an idea from the "Trading Places" video, where some of Ush's designs are apparently shown off. We were too busy thinking of better Phil Collins songs and how much better it would be if Rock-a-Fire Explosion covered this song.

While wearing Usher lingerie.

[WWD via Woooha]
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