Fifth-Graders Navigate 'My Drive Thru'

YouTube-Famous PS22 Chorus Adds Converse Anthem to Repertoire

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No matter what you thought of Converse's "My Drive Thru," can you resist a rendition by dozens of fifth graders?

Late last year, the YouTube-famous PS22 Chorus of Long Island added the branded anthem to its repertoire, which includes songs by Coldplay, Bjork, Tori Amos, Madonna, The Beatles and others. Although cynics may wonder whether Converse had a hand in this, the brand's agency, Cornerstone, who helped put the original song together, says the cover was a serendipitous discovery.

"We just stumbled on this video and couldn't be more excited -- it is, we feel, an incredible version of the song," Jeff Tammes, SVP of creative and strategic marketing, told Songs for Soap. "When we work on a piece of branded content our hope is that it enters the public consciousness in a real way. I think that this shows that Converse's 'My Drive Thru' has done just that."

According to the PS22 Chorus' blog, written by music teacher and bandleader Gregg Breinberg, the kids are now flirting with a major label deal and have a recurring gig on PBS' "Electric Company."

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