Converse Taps Glam-Era Kinks Track

One Star Line at Target Says 'Everyone's a Star'

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Converse's last campaign was boring posing as edgy, which pretty much sums up why I don't wear their shoes. But the canvas footwear co. is back, this time with a marketer who knows how to stylishly throw down without a whiff of pretension.
Even pretty girls in auto shops can be stars.
Even pretty girls in auto shops can be stars.

I'm talking about Target, of course, who Converse has partnered with to promote its One Star line of apparel and shoes, available in stores since this weekend. A spot airing now features "Everybody's a Star" by The Kinks, the lead track from their 1975 concept album "Soap Opera." It's probably not one you've heard before if you don't have any Lola tattoos, because the record didn't sell and is generally considered a hairy mess today.

But the song is perfect in this spot, and it lets singer/songwriter Ray Davies' show off his flamboyant Bowie side. He slurs his lyrics like he just scaled Rock Nose Candy Mountain, and the band's glam-era horn section -- think "Suffragette City" -- makes it positively danceable.

If you check out the web site (, you can hear more of the track and watch videos about a woman named Tacee who refits diesel engines to run on cooking oil and Mathieu, an eclectic DJ, both humble performances from beautiful, but not quite "regular" people. While watching the pieces, viewers can also purchase the outfits they're wearing.

It's probably a little bit of a stretch for us to find them relatable, but that's the same delusion we've always belabored with our rock and pop stars. By believing that Tacee or Chris Carrabba are more like us, we're really hoping we're more like them.

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