A Taylor-Made Complaint for United Airlines

Country Musician Dave Carroll Takes Year-Long Customer-Service Quest Viral

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So you're a customer, and you have a complaint with a company you've done business with. There's plenty of avenues for airing your grievances: e-mails/phone calls to customer service, Michael Moore-style on-camera showdowns at the corporate headquarters, polite complaints to executives, message boards, flaming bags of poop, Twitter, etc. How about a well-polished anti-jingle with a clever, also-well-done video?

Halifax musician Dave Carroll has not only done that, but he promises he has two more in the works, all decrying the behavior of United Airlines and its treatment of his Taylor guitar. The video for "United Breaks Guitars," which was posted Monday and has thus far notched almost 138,000 views, explains his story quite concisely: Carroll was flying with bandmates, saw a United crew member tossing his and his bandmates' guitars while loading them into the plane, and then, for the next year, United refused to replace his $3,500 broken beauty.

This has probably been done before, but probably never this effectively (what if Carroll had trucked in black metal instead?) and Carroll opted for SEO over poetry in titling it. And, of course, landing on Consumerist sure seems to help in these matters.

Through Twitter, United took about 24 hours to be recalibrate its response, writing: "This has struck a chord w/ us and we've contacted him directly to make it right."

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