Courtyard's Sync Seems Out-of-Sync

New Spot With Throw Me the Statue Clip Is Charming but Feels a Little Off

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Songs for Soap's little brother would like readers to know that, in an ad that began running this week, Courtyard Marriott is featuring a bit of the song "Lolita" from indie-pop sensation Throw Me the Statue. Like him, we're a continual sucker for even the most borderline-decent indie pop out there but can never remember who TMS is until someone shows us their excellent-yet-NSFW album cover with the topless woman jumping into the lake.

We find the ad visually charming and the instrumental bit from the beginning of "Lolita" is pleasant, but does anyone else feel like it doesn't quite fit the tempo of the spot? Or perhaps it's just not properly synchronized with the action? We would have held off on the special effects until the moment of the first hand-clap; that kind of moment in a song is not a thing to waste!

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