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Avril Lavigne Decks Out Abbey Dawn at Kohl's

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Finally! After watching Avril Lavigne practically re-inventing the arm warmer and making everyone's daughters into bubblegumskaterpunks, her fashion styles will soon be available in a store near you. The juniors line, Abbey Dawn, will be available at Kohl's this July, and the retailer promises to refresh it with new duds every two months thereafter.
Avril Lavigne wants to share her closet with you.
Avril Lavigne wants to share her closet with you.
Quoth the press release:
The 2008 back-to-school collection is created from Lavigne's own closet and will feature two key fashion collections at launch. The first features a combination of feminine sophistication and rock-and-roll attitude, which includes bold colors and mix-and-match iconic prints; and the second features a fusion of ska, reggae and skater with a balance of traditional tartan plaids, checks and stripes.
She told USA Today that the collection will include "a lot of hot pinks and blacks and stars and purple and zebra ... Basically, everything I wear," except neckties. Lavigne will reportedly design and approve every item.

And she also says she'll (wisely) be sporting some of these $24 - $48 clothes onstage when she begins her Best Damn Tour tonight with the Jonas Brothers in British Columbia. According to Perez Hilton -- we can't believe we just wrote that -- and other gossip blogs, the North American trek has been bogged down by boycotting dancers and weak ticket sales.

Avril's new perfume line is set to launch around the same time as Abbey Dawn, but SFS isn't sure if it'll be available at Kohl's (it should).
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