Dance Your Cares Away

Pepto Bismol's Consumer-Generated Solution

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If so much stomach upset is consumer-generated (alcohol, coffee, fistfuls of Krispy Kremes, fistfuls of ground chuck before it becomes burger, "Dancing With the Stars," etc.), then why can't the solution be consumer-generated too? That was apparently the thinking behind Pepto Bismol's latest gut-busting semi-musical campaign. Witness this:

Of course that woman from Prague is just the tip of the small intestine, if you will. PB also put together a viral video compiling even more auditions (I would have run with the keyboard guy and his dancers), which have the wonderful public-access-karaoke deliciousness of Adult Swim's "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job."

But of course, the tummy fun doesn't have to end there. Viewers who head on over to Pepto Bismol's site can (sort of) create their own dance routines based on the semi-famous Casio jingle. Pick between a cowboy, a nurse and a businessman to shake their pains away at a variety of locations, then pick between five dance moves: nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea. For maximum effect, pick five diarrheas in a row and turn up the volume.
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