Dave Mustaine Lets Us Sip His Pain

Megadeth Guitarist Creates Signature Coffee Blend

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Anyone who's seen the superb Metallica documentary "Some Kind of Monster" (above) knows that metal guys are sensitive too -- especially former guitarist Dave Mustaine, who gets all weepy in the film while he describes his ouster in the early 80s. The red-headed rocker became lead guitarist of the speed-metal band Megadeth, and now he's found a new outlet for his bitter tears: coffee.

From Megadeth.com: "Stay tuned for news on Dave Mustaine's new coffee blend available ONLY to his fans coming up next week. After 'sharing' his daily morning coffee with fans at the Megadeth Forums in the last few months and enganging (sic) in several conversations with coffee lovers there, he came up with a true blend he would love to share with all of you. More soon!"

But just what would a cup of premium "Mochadeth" taste like? The blood of angels? The sadness of a million orphans? A commenter on Blabbermouth.com claims to have tasted it: "First cup had weird, tinny taste to it. But still, it had some kick. Second cup was GREAT. Third cup had that tinny flavor again. Fourth cup, great again. Different than the second cup, but still super. Flavor had a lot of unpredicatble (sic) zigs and zags. Fifth cup, terrible. Like cheap diner coffe (sic) or Maxwell house."

Hmmm.... Metal coffee tasting tinny... Why doesn't Mustaine just partner up with Starbucks and slap his name on one of their French roasts?
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