Decaf-Iced-Mocha, Cinnamon, No Whip and That Sonic Youth CD to Go, Please

Final Track Listing, Release Date Revealed for Highly Unlikely Starbucks-Indie-Rock Compilation

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Remember that highly unlikely Sonic Youth compilation that's coming to Starbucks? According to Billboard, the tracklist for the cheekily titled "Hits Are for Squares" is finalized and ready to sit alongside your local barista June 10.

No no, don't ask the obvious questions like, "Why is Starbucks putting out a CD that they probably won't play in the store?" or "Didn't Starbucks put out a Kenny G CD?" or "Who's Sonic Youth? Weren't they that band from 'Girlmore Girls' ?" Those are all stupid questions. Just agree that it's cool, and let's leave it at that, okay?

From Billboard:
"I guess, for some, Sonic Youth represents something that they don't really equate with Starbucks," [Singer-guitarist Thurston Moore] told Billboard last year. "But I kind of like the absurdity of it. Sonic Youth has always, in a way, made itself available to the super mainstream."

"In a way, Sonic Youth has a branded name," he continued. "People know the name, but not necessarily our music, which might be a little too outsider for some. And when they do hear a little something, it doesn't tell the whole story. I thought it would be interesting to have a CD available in a store like Starbucks where the casual consumer can have access to [our music] more readily."
As previously announced, the celebrity curators are pretty top-notch, like Beck, Radiohead, Portia De Rossi, Diablo Cody (?), Gus Van Sant, David Cross (!!!), The Flaming Lips and .... Michelle Williams. Oh, and there's even a new bonus track called "Slow Revolution," which we're pretty sure is going to be the theme song for the new Starbucks branding revival campaign.
  • "Bull in the Heather," selected by Catherine Keener
  • "Sugar Kane," selected by Beck
  • "100%," selected by Mike D
  • "Kool Thing," selected by Radiohead
  • "Disappearer," selected by Portia De Rossi
  • "Superstar," selected by Diablo Cody
  • "Stones," selected by Allison Anders
  • "Tuff Gnarl," selected by Dave Eggers and Mike Watt
  • "Teenage Riot," selected by Eddie Vedder
  • "Shadow of a Doubt," selected by Michelle Williams
  • "Rain on Tin," selected by Flea
  • "Tom Violence," selected by Gus Van Sant
  • "Mary-Christ," selected by David Cross
  • "World Looks Red," selected by Chloe Sevigny
  • "Expressway to Yr Skull," selected by Flaming Lips
  • "Slow Revolution," exclusive new Sonic Youth recording

[Via Billboard]
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