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Skittles Launches Banner-Sized Remix Tool with Beatboxer Kenny Muhammad

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Kenny Muhammad in the studio recording for Skittles
Photo: Skittles
Somehow, a dandy like Kanye West can dress like Carlton Banks and get his own clothing line, but world-famous beatboxer Kenny Muhammad still doesn't have his styles featured in Sunday circulars for Kohl's? This sweater/sweatshirt looks like a pair of Bill Cosby's Zubaz resurrected on an ancient Indian burial ground, and maybe that's why the only performer to play with both Stevie Wonder and Mindless Self Indulgence has now lent his vocal talents to Skittles for a remix promotion.

The samples are fairly limited, but, as you can witness below, that doesn't mean you can't get much mileage out of the little application, which, through, is so compact that it can be used within a banner ad.

After getting their fingers sticky for a while, users are directed to Facebook, where they can post and share their creations, and, later in the year, Skittles has a contest planned whereby "The Human Orchestra" will judge the best of the bunch. However, seeing that there's so few combinations that your entire concoction can be encoded within a reasonably sized URL address, we're wondering if there's more in store for this mini-sequencer.

As opposed to the linear sorts of remix tools out there -- and many have been made for branding campaigns such as this -- this Skittles "Mix the Rainbow" app works in a circular fashion; there's a lazy-Susan-like circle with multiple platforms, and users merely need to grab different color Skittles and drop them onto the circle to use their accompanying beats, voices and sound effects. The samples here come from various sources, most notably Muhammad and past TV spots, and only a few are awkward enough to use the brand name.

We usually gauge these tools based on the volume of cacophony we can squeeze out of them, and this app falls a little short in that department. Some may say that's a benefit, but one look back at Muhammad's ensemble demonstrates the beauty of colorful patterns remixed and barfed up into something new.

But just for your amusement, we stretched the tool to its limits. Behold "Chuck" ...

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