The Devil's Music Supervisor

Writer at The Trumpet Warns of Ad Music's Corrupting Influence

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Hey creatives, here's something to consider when you're picking the latest jam for your Sprint commercial: are you leading kids to Satan? In a story published today on The Trumpet regarding righteous music, author Ryan Malone takes both licensed songs and jingles to task:

Much of the music that Satan pawns off appeals to teens, but the adults, repulsed by it, write it off thinking that there is no way anyone could like that music. But it conveys an attitude or an idea that a younger mind can relate to.

Of course, sometimes even young people don't enjoy it. They'll force themselves to like a certain brand of music because it is identified with their "friends," their peer group, their sport, or perhaps even a commercial for a favorite product.

I think many of us can personally relate to this idea. Think hard: do you really like Five for Fighting, or do you just enjoy affordably priced menswear at Sears? And vice versa: just what kind of bizarre compulsions are the Subway "five dollar footlong" ads supporting?

Remember, songs (musical pieces with lyrics) are often used to help us retain educational concepts or to recall an advertising slogan. This is problematic when the song keeps repeating lyrics that violate God's Ten Commandments. The brain will encode and store those messages more quickly and effectively!

Who do you think is pulling the levers here, people, some Boston-based advertising agency or the devil? Put that hoagie down and think about it.

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