After Diet Coke, Duffy Vows No More Ads

Welsh Singer Dismisses Brand Campaigns; Bike Safety to Blame?

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We found other things to be offended by in Diet Coke's ad featuring Duffy -- okay, just one big thing -- but safety concerns had never crossed our minds. Now the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has reportedly taken issue with the depiction of the blond starlet riding her bike around without a helmet or reflectors. Seriously.

In a wire story from Asian News International, a rep said: "Unfortunately, advertisers do forget sometimes to make sure they are showing safe and legal behaviour when someone is using the road in an advert." Other bike safety organizations were also asked about the ad, and most said that generally one should, you know, wear a helmet. Tempest in a teapot? Most likely. But now Duffy has come out and said she won't do any more endorsements, and so, naturally some are connecting the dots.

The Welsh singer told ANI: "I have only got 100 per cent to give and all of that goes towards being creative, so I can't really open the doors to all the other things. ... I have so many desires creatively, but I have to tread carefully that I also don't sell myself out personally."

But perhaps she just saw this crude parody, which combines both "scandals" into one:


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