Drug Line Belgium Spoils the Party

PSA Seems Funny Until It Gets to the Point

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Artist: Plastic Bertrand
Song: "Ça Plane Pour Moi"
Organization The Drugline in Belgium
First they lure you in with vintage, Bob-Saget-era kid injuries and a loud late-70's punk symphony. Then they tell you how many kids had their first drink by age twelve, and it feels like someone has just dumped rubbing alcohol in your cocktail.

But that ringing in your head isn't a hangover, it's "Ça Plane Pour Moi" ("This Life's for Me") by Plastic Bertrand, a perfect complement to this ad by The Drug Line Belgium. The 1977 anthem describes a disastrous teenage bender (translated lyrics):

Wham bam, my cat Splash
is rolling around on my bed. He swallowed
his tongue as he drank all my whisky
As for me, I've hardly slept, I feel empty and reprimanded
I had to sleep in the gutter,
where I had a flash of inspiration
In four colours

This famous tune has inspired covers by Sonic Youth and Presidents of the United States of America. One cover version was even featured in a Pepsi commercial earlier this year. It's got some nasty French words, but it's nowhere near as lurid as the original that inspired it.
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