Dusty Springfield Gives Us a Lesson in Crazy

Old Mother's Pride Ad Continues to Confound, Horrify After All These Years

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Fun fact: Before Britain had alarm clocks, men with long sticks were hired to rap on windows until workers got out of bed. They were called knocker-uppers, although they probably had as many kids as the rest of us. So this 1960s Dusty Springfield ad for Mother's Pride makes a little more sense when you can understand why she's rudely waking everyone up with tea and white bread -- although knocker-uppers probably didn't provide food.

Okay, even with the historical context, this is still one of most insane ads ever made. As men and women jump out of bed without showering, Dusty says the bread "makes them love work," implying it's slathered with Xanax and communism and cucumber slices, which sound tasty but tends to make SFS feel too heavy to get going in the morning. And if you look closely, you can see Walt Whitman get his cuppa too. This stuff even gets poets out of bed!

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