Dwele Sipping McD's 'Liquid Love'

Neo-Soul Singer, Conya Doss Sex Up Affordable Lattes at Fast Feeder

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What, did you think that McNuggets were the only fast-food product with a rightful place in the bedroom? After "nuggnut" Keith Sweat boldly fetishized the deep-fried chicken bits last year, smooth-singing R&B singer Dwele is now trying to do the same for the big McCafe push.

Some of you may remember Dwele as the vocalist on Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" or Common's "The People" -- if not for his solo career -- and in a new Burrell TV spot that landed this week, he's "drizzling chocolate in your ear" at a jazz club that apparently serves McDonald's lattes. He lyrically paints the beverage as "the sweetest kiss to come your way besides me" and works up saucy whip-cream references, all in a sustained falsetto that's quite impressive. It's hammy, but not so much that it sucks all the fun out of it, and he does a pretty decent job of wrapping McD's musical ident onto the end.

Dwele also put together a less-breathy, more-synthy jingle (below) that's even more over-the-top, with the neo-soul singer crooning that a McCafe is all he needs for his soul and that the drink is "liquid love" and such. Colleague Conya Doss put together her own, more-understated take, and the two came together for a collaboration in a third iteration.

McD's is pushing the content through a site takeover of BET.com today, which leads straight to their African-American microsite 365Black, on a page where readers can find all music and ads together.

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