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NextMedium's Embed Service Aims to Systematize, Optimize Product Placement in Music Videos

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Getting Ludacris to chug your energy drink in his next video may become as easy as a few mouseclicks if NextMedium is involved in the transaction. According to a story in the LA Times this week, the relatively new company is hoping to make product placement in movies, TV shows and music videos more efficient through a web marketplace called Embed.

If you're an advertiser signed up for the service, you can search for productions based on keywords, demographics or even situations that would suit your product. So, say you've got loads of candy corn to move, and you don't want to pay for TV spots; you can search for Halloween, kids and maybe even barf. NextMedium will then track what you're looking for, and, like eBay's alerts, you'll get an email when Korn is shooting their next video.

There will certainly be plenty of paperwork, phone calls, meetings and other headaches involved in the process, but the real advantage of NextMedium will be in facilitating the initial transaction and giving smaller marketers access to big productions. According to the story, the start-up has signed up 120 productions and at least twice as many advertisers.

TV and movies sound promising, but a comment from Gary Mezzatesta in the LA Times story points out an issue that may be problematic for music videos using the system:
Gary Mezzatesta, CEO of advertising agency UPP, which specializes in product placement, said NextMedium might have trouble getting producers, networks, and advertisers to submit to an online system. Working a brand into a plot takes tremendous coordination between writers, directors, producers and networks, he said.

"There are so many different considerations and issues, it's hard to standardize it," he said.
Assuming people are watching music videos at sufficient quality to even make out what brand of gin a rapper is shilling, it really takes deeper integration to make a hard connection between a product and an artist, i.e. integrating into the song itself as well as the video. If NextMedium can get in on music productions from the start through the music video stage, they might have a killer app for music-minded marketers. Until then, we're not sure how effective a purely video placement in a medium that's most commonly watched in a low-quality format on YouTube will be.

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