Electric Raunch to High Fashion in 60-Seconds

Peaches Pimps Vestal Watches in Print Campaign

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Peaches' Vestal ad in this month's Fader magazine sports the tagline: "Time is what you make of it."
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Peaches, the queen of crass, is involved with a new campaign for Vestal watches where she manages to behave herself. The former elementary-school-teacher- turned-raunchy-electroclash musician stares at her audience looking like a defiant-yet-dignified junkie, and her wisp of armpit hair is the only trace of her controversial gender politics. I probably shouldn't quote anything here to show what I'm talking about, but, um, take a gander at her discography and you'll get an idea.

The boutique timepiece company was a co-sponsor of Peaches' showcase at South by Southwest this year, and its eclectic, edgy music portal features her videos.
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