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Elvis Costello to Host Dell-Sponsored Interview, New Band Series on Sundance

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After single-handedly caring about Billy Bob Thornton's band, Dell is moving some brighter lights into the Dell Lounge. The computer company announced today that it's sponsoring "Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...", a 13-part, one-hour program featuring the man himself interviewing various people, whom the press release doesn't name -- we're working on this detail Costello himself has spilled the beans -- but may perhaps include Elton John, who's the executive producer.

The show debuts Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Sundance Channel and will be interspersed with short segments called, appropriately enough, "Discovered," where up-and-coming musicians will be profiled for your edification. But here's the thing: some of them are actually on our Walkman this very minute, like Salt & Samovar, Department of Eagles, The Virgins and Thao Nguyen.

While Dell's being mum on Costello's guests, they've been pretty forthcoming with the remaining 10 "discovered" artists: Charlotte Sometimes, Forro in the Dark, Richard Julian, K'naan, Solange Knowles, Erin McCarley, Colin Munroe, PT Walkley and Matt White. You'll be able to watch these video pieces on the Lounge as well as some short clips of the Costello program.

Dell's hoping to get its money's worth through integrations in the latter, where guests will be playing with the company's gadgets, which, despite whispers to the contrary, will not include an iPod competitor. But if Dell shills out for the big guns on the show, Costello better be taking his supplements, 'cause a prolific heavy-hitter like the 5110cn can spit out 35 ppm color at 600 dpi, a feat unrivaled by even Kanye West, much less than a guy who cranks out one album a year.

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