The EPA: Our More Indietastic Bureacracy

New Spot For Water Conservation Features Sufjan Stevens

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When I was a kid, I knew who the Environmental Protection Agency was. They were the bad guys that shut down the containment unit in "Ghostbusters" and unleashed the undead all over New York.

But now that I'm a little older, they don't seem so different than myself: We both like to conserve water and listen to Sufjan Stevens.

In their new PSA, the EPA explains exactly why wasting water is harmful for the environment and summons Stevens' "Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head! (Rebuilld! Restore! Reconsider!)" to seal the deal. It's directed by an art director named Justin Young -- who happens to be looking for work! -- and has clever little animations but an unfortunately amateur-sounding voiceover.

We like it anyway. Course, not as much as we like federally mandated higher fuel efficiency standards (hint hint)!

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