It 'Feels Like the First Time' We Patronized Young Voters

CNN's Get Out Vote Campaign Features Daughtry Cover of Foreigner Track

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In my sojourn out west last week, I was continually reminded of how out of touch I am with what the kids are listening to on their exploding iPod Nanos these days. Exhibit A: CNN has enlisted Daughtry to cover Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time" as the anthem for a campaign to get out the youth vote.

The initiative is called League of First Time Voters, which I suppose is intended to make kids feel heroic or something. We're all for getting young'uns to the polls, but they'll probably be disappointed to first find out that the "Register to Vote" section of CNN's site doesn't work very well (try registering in New York), and then, if they persist in their efforts, that they'll probably need to mail something in or register in person to get the job done.

So maybe that's what "Feels Like the First Time" really means: that kids can still feel the excitement of registering, even though they've tried more than once and failed. We can't possibly think of another reason why this irrelevant, teeth-gnashing song was selected for the Daughtry treatment. Why not "Like a Virgin"? Makes just as much sense, and it would have at least been fun to watch this one-trick pony stand on its hind legs.

Even then, none of this will compare to the disappointment these voters will feel in 15 years when they flick their fingers to old Daughtry MP3s on their exploding iPod Micros.

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