The Follow-Up Letter to Rihanna From KFC

Not Waiting for a Response, SFS Imagines a Second Plea for In-store Face Time

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Dear Rihanna,

Not sure if you got our previous letter, but please please please come back and make out with Chris Brown again at one of our KFC restaurant locations. Those blog photos of you two were sizzling like our Fiery Buffalo hot wings and we think you're sweeter than our Honey BBQ Sandwich dipped in an ocean of our Littlebucket Parfaits.

Maybe you were a little disturbed at the prospect of "Kiss Kiss"-ing for charity, and we respect that. It's probably the creepiest celebrity sponsorship we've ever heard of, and it definitely takes carnival kissing booths to a whole new level that few carnies could dream of. But our founder, Colonel Sander had a lust PDA that exceeded even the French, and so we'd like to extend again an invitation for you two to stop by.

Thanks again for swapping spit in our restaurant, and we'd be proud to have you back for a few Famous Bowls on the house. So just "Shut Up and Drive" right over the next time you get a craving for our Original Recipe!

KFC Chief Marketing Officer
James O'Reilly

[Via Wooohah!]
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