Ford's Band of Horse Power

Indie Band Lends Song to Automaker After Ditching Wal-Mart

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Artist: Band of Horses
Song: "Funeral"
Marketer: Ford
Purchase: Band of Horses - Everything All the Time - The Funeral
UPDATE: I've got the correct song title and a real copy of the video in here now. Without a real copy on the internet or the benefit of fancy video capture equipment at my folks' house, I had to nab this bootleg with the iSight in my MacBook Pro.

On Sunday, one could hardly get through "60 Minutes" without the tedium being ruptured over and over again by the song "Funeral" in the new Ford Edge commercial. Band of Horses recently ended its licensing relationship with Wal-Mart after a flogging from fans but still gave the go-ahead to the automaker, who has been eager to show off its new Sync in-car device.

The commercial is pretty silly and turns a night out with friends into some sort of cosmic encounter thanks to a panoramic moon roof and some cooing vocals from Ben Bridwell. It's inoffensive but makes me feel like I'm watching an old episode of "The Real World" as everyone is packing their bags and bongs and reflecting upon their drama-drenched weeks together and ... of course, on-cue, here comes "Time of Your Life" or some James Blunt weeper that's meant to imbue the experience with meaning.

I can't knock the song, but this spot leaves me feeling a little carsick.
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