The Ghost of Christmases Not-Long Past

Palm Reconstructs Classic Run D.M.C. Holiday Tune for Integrated Campaign

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I had a revelatory moment last year when, while riding a bus through Queens, I passed Hollis Hills and realized that it was a real place, not just the setting for my favorite Christmas song since I was a kid. (I immediately texted everyone I knew). For anyone who's had the TV turned on lately, Run D.M.C.'s immortal "Christmas in Hollis" has been recontextualized once again.

For an integrated campaign for the Palm Centro, Seattle-based agency Creature recruited Rondo Brothers, a Bay-area duo with as many remix credits as they have ad soundtrack credits, who provided a remixed Santa Claus with a suitably remixed soundtrack. Said track, "Claus Anthem," features rapper Motion Man, who stays pretty close to the original lyrics while ad-libbing some of this own ambient memories into the mix. He doesn't have the same joie de vivre, but who ever did?

Palm has been leveraging the musical side of the campaign through a slew of content pumped into a Facebook page, which includes goofy videos, Claus himself posting to his wall, some applications, and, what we care most about, a free remixed Christmas e.p. featuring tracks from Pacha Massive, Donovan Frankenrieter, Johnny Mercer, Breakestra and Erran Baron Cohen, Sacha Baron Cohen's brother, who put out his own Hanukkah album this year.

The enjoyment bar for Christmas songs is ridiculously low, so we have no idea what non-insane people think of the remix. However, Creature says that Reverend Run himself approves. What do you think: Yay or neigh?

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