Once Again, They Might Be Giants Does It for DD

New Spots Are Reminders for Free Iced Coffee Day This Week

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As someone who swills Dunkin Donuts coffee like it was the only substance that could chase away my personal demons, I've been forwarded notice of the free-iced-coffee day several times already. So, just in case mass infusions of caffeine also stop the voices in your head, I'll pay it forward and let you know that you too can pick up a delicious, free cup of iced coffee at your local DD's this Thursday.

To get yourself pumped up for free freezing java, here's two new jingles from They Might Be Giants:

Our vote is for contestant #2, for his bizarre pastiche of monk-chanting, opera, hip-hop and excruciating realism. Once again, TMBG captures the mundane details of life perfectly. For their next spot, I want them to write a song about someone sitting at work blogging and thinking he needs a banana, a haircut and a cup of coffee.
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