Greyhound Takes Indie Bands for a Ride

Highway Robbery: Musicians Cry Fowl, Grab Microphones

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According to Idolator, Greyhound recently ran a pull-out ad in XLR8R featuring postcards of electro-pop artist Dan Deacon, Japanese noise-rock band Ruins, synth-poppers Team Robespierre and god-knows-what band WZT Hearts. But the tour bus hit a pothole: the bands are all claiming that Greyhound never asked their permission.

This comes a week after Camel's "advertorial" that has not only worked up state attorneys general, but also some of the bands, who probably wouldn't have elected to represent Big Tobacco had they been given the choice.

Worse, a Philly promoter claims that the photog who took the Greyhound photos shot them during a performance after he was denied permission. Oh, and much worse, Dan Deacon has penned a lengthy smackdown of the bus company and its service record, which includes this choice line:

"it really upsets me that i am being used to promote them. if i had my way i would see all their buses transport guns to all the people they have fucked over."

Would this (and the Camel situation) have happened if the bands in question had their backs covered by corporate lawyers? I dare say not. One can't just commission "authenticity" and send a photographer to grab it. If you want to learn something about sincerity, indie bands are a great resource. You just have to ask.

[Via Idolator]
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