Guinness Bubbles Over With Civic Pride

Romantic Dance Piece Steps Up to Domino Challenge

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Composer: Enrique Granados
Song: "12 Danzas Españolas: No. 6"
Marketer: Guinness
Agency: AMV BBDO
Yeah, it's another falling domino spot that culminates in a grandiose product shot. But "Tipping Point," the first out of Guinness' new £10 million campaign, taps into something a little deeper than your standard aluminum keg.

While the cars are tipping and flaming bales of hey are flying, you probably noticed the soundtrack, "12 Danzas Españolas: No. 6," by Spanish nationalist composer Enrique Granados. You might not be able to pluck the title from your head, but it's pretty easy to see why the exuberant Romantic-era dance piece fits perfectly into the Argentinian locale where this shot was filmed. It's a bit of Olde World charm applied to a sense of modern ambition (or frivolity), and this orchestral version of "12 Danzas" (it's typically played with guitars) provides the forward momentum that reminds us that there's a reason behind the madness.

Perhaps it's a bit much, and by now more than a little hokey to instill some sort of nationalistic grandeur into a scene of locals constructing a giant pint of Irish beer. But director Nicolai Fugsli (responsible for Sony's "balls" ad) must have known that a gorgeously orchestrated number can sometimes bring together the most unlikely dance partners.
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