Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker Is Real

Toy Lets Any Kid Shred His Parent's Sanity

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My reactions to this product happened in the following order: disdain, amusement, curiosity and finally soul-rupturing convulsions of desire. Okay, maybe I'm overstating the case or over-indulging the nine-year-old in me, but The Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker looks like the coolest toy since TMX Elmo.

The subhead in the press release says "Innovative Electronic Toy Extends the Fantasy with No Guitar or Video Game System Required," which at first led me to believe that Activision was just trying to keep the post-Christmas buzz going for Guitar Hero 3 with a fake release. But then I saw the above video and realized that this $30 toy is real ... real genius.

By rhythmically waving a guitar pick in front of a belt buckle, young rockers can feel like they're actually playing the riffs of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Van Halen and Boston. And with the "optional" speaker (who wants to shred on headphones!?) and extra song cartridges, this roving rock machine might really have some legs.

It's too bad it wasn't out in time for Christmas, but at least Activision is finally extending the brand beyond the console -- or at least licensing it so others can -- and tapping into America's rambunctious youth. Your living room, bathroom, classroom and synagogue may never be the same.
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