The Hammer Comes A-Knockin'

Hip-Hop Icon Debuts New Single in ESPN Ad

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This is what happens when you leave New York for a couple days: MC Hammer makes news and it feels as though someone switched the contents of your underwear and knife drawers while you were away.

Haha, it doesn't really feel like that. But this ESPN ad does make my kitsch bone hurt a little.

Hammer, who has staged a comeback largely on the back of his online startup DanceJam, has unveiled the first single from his new album through a commercial for "Monday Night Football" on ESPN. In the spot, a guy fights his alarm clock to remain in dreamland and imagines himself in the studio playing keytar for Hammer as he lays down a new track, "I Got Gigs."

Apparently Mr. Hammer has "gigs." Both of which he's managed to tie together by naming his new LP "dancejamthemusic." Not bad, it's almost as clever as the Bigfoot guys.

Clearly, no one will ever take MC Hammer seriously as a musician, and the fact that he's agreed to several self-parodying roles in recent years suggests that he's aware of this. Since DanceJam is his real source of revenue for the future, it's tacky but tactically sound to create music to send people there, and there'll now be 16 exclusive tracks for the dancing.

It's pretty much a win-win all around, except for my brain.
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