Hayden Panettiere's Spot for Candie's Provokes Blogger Identity Crisis

'Wake Up Call' Is the Guiltiest of Pleasures

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SFS is feeling a little conflicted this morning. We were given this clip of Hayden Panettiere singing her first single for a Candie's-via-Kohl's spot, and we were, in all honesty, expecting to groan and close when we saw it. Turns out, we ... well, kinda like it. And that makes us feel weird.

We know what you're thinking, but give the 30-second spot with "Wake Up Call" a listen. It's not a bad song. It certainly beats out anything Ashlee Simpson has perpetrated in past years, and we can even handle the little bit of tuneless spoken rapping bits. It's sort of a bubblegum-dancehall ballad, and it has one of those unfurling velvety choruses that will -- for better or worse -- become lodged in your brain. We're most definitely not the target audience and this is the guiltiest of pleasures, but, among the tween set, this song may kill.

The star of "Heroes" and Clearasil ads is decked out head-to-painted-toe in Candie's apparel, accessories and footwear, and the clip in this Kohl's spot is part of the full video that will be released later this summer on MTV. The single is available tomorrow for streaming on Candie's and Kohl's sites and will be on iTunes Aug. 5 through Hollywood Records.
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