Hillary Clinton Can Shred (Her Dignity)!

YouTube Video Shows Hillary's Rocky Rock Career

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This Hillary Clinton video (after the jump) reminds me of when my dad once half-seriously asked me about "that new Stone Temple Pantera" record I had bought. No, wait, that was funny.

Hills and her campaign staff need to throw away their Celine Dion records or maybe just contract out a "Daily Show" writer or two, because this video is really not amusing nor relevant. In fact it pretty much solidifies what we already know about her: she's about as culturally clued-in as our parents. Not really a sticking point for anyone's vote, but certainly makes her seem aloof to the spirit of our (pop) culture, and therefore dissociated from most of us.

It reminds me of both this John Tesh Christian-hip-hop video because of its embarrassing trying-too-hard-unhipness or "Miles' Bar Mitzvah Video," which is obscure and far more hilarious and in-touch with all the stupid things that are really important.

Thanks Lisa!
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