Hugh Laurie Steals Some Super Bowl Thunder

And the Rest of This Year's Highlights, From Petty to Timberlake

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Songs for Soap diligently watched the Super Bowl last night, despite its general awfulness -- although we were still bored enough to Wikipedia "astigmatism" and file for a new iPhone headset during the game. There wasn't much music to enjoy, but there were a few moments that made us happy. Here's our highlight reel:
  • Hugh Laurie from "House" played the Fox NFL theme on an old Fender a Gibson Flying V, and its absurdity probably made it the highlight of our evening. Laurie can actually shred a little bit, and his devious, "I can't believe they're letting me do something so dumb during the Super Bowl" grin made it even more hilarious.

  • The bigs at Fox must have thought that Tom Petty would be a much more family-friendly performance than Prince's phallic air-humping last year. Boy were they wrong! During the light show at the beginning of Petty's set, did anyone else get naughty thoughts when they saw the giant white Flying V guitar penetrating the giant red heart? Gross.

  • Not sure if this was new for the Super Bowl, but kudos to whomever cued up Danzig's "Mother" during the ads for "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Maybe Fox is this cool, but more likely someone was having a "Guitar Hero II" brainstorming session when they struck gold. ALSO: Did anyone else catch Arcade Fire during an" NFL on Fox" ad? UPDATE: Yes. It was "No Cars Go."

    We also dug the use of Mick Jagger's "Charmed Life" during Dell's "Slap" commercial, especially the way it really kicks off when the traffic cop's hand connects with our protagonist's backside. Otherwise, it's a really terrible commercial, implying that everyone will love you because you bought a red Dell because a portion of the proceeds go to a needy cause; how would people on the streets show affection for someone who gave money without anything in return? Not a pretty scene.
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    The jingle is dead. Or is it? Garmin's stupid Napoleanic ad featured an awesome Franco-punk anthem that would only be catchier if we could make out any of the words except "Garmin."

    Unlike the worthless superstar-wasting "Nod" ad, Pepsi's Timberlake spot was actually really clever and the special effects were convincing enough to make me pity the guy's nether regions. Is there anything he can't do well?


    And for the bad list we're not going to bother writing: Ken Wheaton over at the Adages blog pointed out the infuriating musical difference between Budweiser's Clydesdale spot. Why tamper with the "Rocky" score, guys?
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