Infiniti's Latin Exchange Program

Carmaker Pairs Musicians, Artists Together for On-Screen Sparks

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Commercials rarely have what film nerds like to call "source music," or soundtracks that are performed before your eyes. Ads with sculptures or paintings in their splattery births are rarer still.

However, to emphasize the performance and design of its 2008 lineup, Infiniti has created a trio of ads that bravely attempt both. It's a weighty concept for a car campaign, but, with the deftest touch and a series of talented Latin artists, the automaker manages to pull it off.

In the first spot, Glass blower Jose Chardiet is matched with Latin jazz trumpeter Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, and in another, Chef Douglas Rodriguez appears with percussionist Annette Aguilar from the StringBeans Latin Jazz Quartet.

The most striking of the three commercials features Mexican rock musician Ely Guerra and Colombian conceptual artist Frederico Uribe, famous for his sculptures constructed from household goods. As Uribe assembles a bust of multi-colored guitar cord plugs, Guerra plays a beautifully layered composition on her electric guitar that swings from atonal and spooky to sweeping and gorgeous. A G-Series sedan flashes in and out, and the ad is over before you have any idea where the piece was headed.

The seductive glimpses of molten glass and bits of unexplored melodies in these spots leave one wondering why musty Rolling Stones hits are still being licensed when there's so much artistry in the present to admire.

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