Jason Harper: King of Big Mac Chants

Fourth-Place Finisher Bain Served 12 Years for Knocking Off a McD's

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After a frenzied period of voting -- according to McD's, only 12,280 participated -- the winner of the McDonald's Big Mac Chant is finally here. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jason Harper and your new Big Mac Chant:

As previously announced, this new stomp-along classic will be incorporated into a 30-second spot that will air on MTV the week of July 28. According to the Palm Beach Post, Harper's track will simply replace the professionally created version currently running.

Harper's is certainly better than most of the competition, and it doesn't sound like a Saturday-afternoon Garage Band concoction, although we think the rhymes sound just a little too much like the original consumer-generated McDonald's order rhyme:

It's a pity that fourth-place finisher Tamien Bain didn't come out on top, considering he served 12 years for robbing a McDonald's. Talk about a buried lede!
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