Was It Joy or Grief That Went Into Coke's 'Happiness Factory'?

USA Today Provides a Helpful Look Behind Human's Songwriting Process

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Coke's "Happiness Factory" spot seems like a sickly-sweet truffle carefully formulated to hit all the pressure points that trigger your gag reflex. But what if it wasn't so calculated? USA Today, in the midst of yet another wide-angle piece on the current ad-music gold rush, provides a fun little interactive exercise in the decision-making process behind the soundtrack to this Cannes Lion contender.

To buoy the sugary world inside the machine, music production house Human created 50 different backing tracks, and, of those, Coke provided five that were on the shortlist, including the winner, to USA Today. We're kinda partial to the fourth, but the fifth has such awesome breakdowns, from the ELO-ish choral interlude to the acoustic guitar outro at the end, that we'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they made the right call.

From our spartan cubicle, we're wondering whether this would be the most fun or the most baldness-inducing job in the world.

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