Jukeboxes Now Hooked in to Social Networks

How Would Fonzie Feel About Facebook Picks?

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Touchtunes, the supplier of those snazzy digital jukeboxes that can be found in over 30,000 bars and clubs, has teamed up with "social technology" company Loca Moda to provide a mobile social platform that connects consumers' favorite online social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with their favorite social hangouts such as bars and clubs.

This is how it's meant to work: People in bars and clubs will be able to use their mobile phones to interact with flat-screen panels driven by Touchtunes' jukeboxes, so they can send the jukebox requests for songs or "gift" songs to their friends. In a stalkerish twist to things, online users of the social networks can actually see which of their friends are hanging out in their local bar by getting notification via data feeds of which friends are using their mobile phones to connect with the flat screens. They in turn can also gift songs from their computers to their friends in the different bars and locations as well as send messages, photos and other forms of user generated content to the in-venue screens. Brand content can also be displayed via the platform, giving opportunities for brands to interact with music fans in a social environment.

Art Matin, CEO of TouchTunes, said, "Because user messages and brand content can be displayed both online and on-location, advertisers can easily extend their brand's reach and multiply the number and value of their impressions "
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