Juno Soundtrack Stars Find Themselves in Chilean Toothpaste Commercial

Moldy Peaches Track Allegedly Used in Pepsodent Spot Without Permission

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The "Juno" soundtrack may be the second-best-selling album in the country right now, but Chileans have been down with the Moldy Peaches for a couple years already. However the band was just as surprised as anyone when they recently found out that their popularity was due to a 2006 Pepsodent commercial (video after jump) featuring their song "Jorge Regula."

Adam Green, the male half of the now-defunct duo, told NME this: "Recently we've had music in adverts and people haven't even asked. We had to hunt down lawyers in South America to sue toothpaste companies that have used songs of mine."

No word on the outcome of the band's litigation, but Songs for Soap is hoping that all of Juno's Oscar nods persuade Outback Steahouse or Perdue to license "Steak for Chicken" (NSFW. Just YouTube it) for their spots.

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