Justice Helps Design Club Coke Bottle

New Design Sure to Generate Buzz, but SEO Could Use a Little Work

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Club Coke 2009 bottle
French electronic duo Justice and Ed Banger Records designer So-Me have designed a new Club Coke 2009 bottle exclusively for European dance venues. Details are sketchy and we took Spanish in high school, but the design is set to be formally unveiled Feb. 11 at the VIP Room in Paris, where the group will perform.

In looking for more information, we discovered one teensy pratfall of this campaign: Googling the words "Coke" and "Justice," which leads to some of the cola company's least flattering press, i.e., claims of human-rights abuses in Third World countries. We would strongly recommend purchasing those search terms, although perhaps things are rosier for Google.fr users.

[ViaComIT, HT to Greg]

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