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K-Swiss Launches Pure Classic Campaign With Athletes, Celebs, Musicians

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Athleticwear company K-Swiss has, along with agency agency Perfect Fools, signed up a number of celebrities to tell stories, perform and otherwise be themselves for a new campaign centered around a microsite called K-Space.

By celebrities, we don't mean what's-his-name from "Gossip Girl," who turns out to be British and is part of the campaign. We're also not talking about athletes like Anna Kournikova or Chris Lieto, who regale the camera with tales of sportsmanship.

No, we're talking about real celebrities, like Adam Green, formerly of the Moldy Peaches and now a fairly serious solo musician. He tells a pretty entertaining story (below) about getting stranded in in Belgium between gigs on a European tour with nothing but his PJs.

Spoken word artist Kesed Ragin also shows up to drop a few verses as well as hip-hop group Jackson Swinton. So does Marques Toliver, a violinist and singer who's not only been jamming with the TV on the Radio guys, but also apparently busks at the Bedford stop on the L line in Brooklyn. We've never seen him there, but we'd probably throw him some quarters.

The site has a pretty amorphous concept -- something to do with what the word "classic" means -- but this likely bit of promotional copy on Sneaker Freaker manages to work some baffling magic with the most poetic promotional lines we've ever encountered:

A timeless chamber well beyond the limelight of fame, K•Space encourages personal expression by eliminating the clutter and noise from the street. With the exception of a few relevant props, K•Space lets individuals be individuals, encouraging them to let down their guard and talk about themselves without inhibition.

If you're still confused, just leave the window open in the background while you go about the nightmarish lurch of your workday. The ambient splunk-ing of tennis balls is surprisingly soothing.

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