Kanye West's Travel Site Will Probably Remain Grounded for a While

Rapper Will Have to Work Harder, Go Back to Web Design College

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From Ad Age:
Miki Woodard, president of the [Kanye West's] company, West Brands, told Advertising Age the process has already taken nearly a year. "We did a lot of due diligence with online travel partners" before linking up with Travelocity, Ms. Woodard said. Mr. West wanted an outfit that would be in it for the long haul, which could involve writing new software, she said.
Ladies and gentlemen, this page took one year of planning:

Did they jump the gun on releasing Kanye's "travel website"? KanyeTravel.com is nothing more than a shoddily assembled web 0.5 front-end to house the Travelocity website. I wouldn't even call it a "glorified affiliate site," because affiliates are intended to create business leads and Kanye has lent little of his glory to this page. It doesn't even have an original header; the first piece of art up top is a screen grab from his site and the second is the cover of his most recent album.

According to our reporter Jean Halliday, there's a second phase coming within weeks, but why would anyone visit this site, let alone purchase tickets from it? I think he could learn a few lessons from Poetic Prophet, aka 'The SEO Rapper.'
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