Kenny Chesney Drinks Corona, Not PR Kool-Aid

Crown Imports Brand Features Country Entertainer in Spot, Sponsors Current Tour

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Seamless indeed. And it seems the idea for the spot wasn't much of a stretch either. In 2005, Chesney recorded a rendition of "Old Blue Chair" -- the subtitle track from "Be As You Are" -- on a beach, (or at least with sound effects of crashing waves behind him) so one can see a pretty clear line to this sparse commercial with him sitting in a blue chair on a beach, drinking Corona, singing the song.

It's thankfully tasteful, and Cramer-Krasselt was smart to pick a tune that's been stripped of contemporary country's lacquer of high-sheen production. K-C C-K is also smart to highlight Corona's sponsorship of Chesney's current "Poets and Pirates" tour, about which the country star has apparently few misconceptions about. In a promotional YouTube video, he makes a stronger practical, as opposed to emotional, rationale for accepting the sponsorship:

"We have tried real hard to keep our ticket prices as low as we could and still take all the buses and trucks from point A to point B. Corona helps us do that, and that's what sponsorship is all about. They're making it possible for us to sell my brand and make it affordable for the fans to come and share the experience with everybody."

This guy has been talking some real horse sense recently.

Old Blue Chair (Ocean Mix) - Kenny Chesney

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