Lil Wayne Grabs the Ball From LeBron James

2008's Biggest Rapper Steals Thunder in Nike's Basketball Spot

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We're not sure how late we are on this; some sources say it dropped during Thanksgiving, others say it's been floating around a while longer. Either way, no one told us that this Nike basketball spot features Lil Wayne reveling in airborne chalk talc and then wisely wiping it off his kicks. Oh yes, there's also some guy named LeBron James and others too, including a young woman who earned national attention after she was denied the opportunity to play basketball with boys. We have no idea why the Dunkin' Donuts man is here.

Once again, it's a sports ad sporting one of the best songs of the year; this time it's "Candy Man" by Cornershop, a righteous anthem that's making us think there's something to this "professional sports" stuff that we should look into.
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