Louis Vuitton Walks Offstage in a Huff

Iconic Fashion Label Threatens Guitarist Dave Navarro for Playing With Counterfeit Strap

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Dave Navarro
Wow, Louis Vuitton. You are, like, so rock n' roll. I bet your lawyers have Minor Threat stickers all over their briefcases, and whichever clueless exec decided to go after Jane's Addiction's guitarist with a cease-and-desist letter has like every Red Hot Chili Peppers album, even the early stuff, like "Californication."

The sorry tale of LV and Dave Navarro's knock-off guitar strap is a classic example of a big brand that really doesn't understand artist-fan relationships. Navarro's strap, while not an authentic LV product, is a pretty bald endorsement of their brand. Instead of fighting bootleggers who make the product, why target a famous, likable musician? Try picking up a phone and having a conversation before you unleash the hounds. He has a pretty well-read blog, did you think he wouldn't respond?

Further, why is LV so upset about someone knocking off a product they don't make? It's pretty clear that if someone is making money off this, there's a demand for it. Guitar straps are some of the most prominent venues for rock stars to express something about themselves, so maybe LV should provide Navarro with the real thing and, maybe, just maybe, put it into production for other like-minded musicians to use and promote the brand onstage. There isn't a more authentic platform for a musically inclined brand than one with thousands of screaming fans pressed against it, and you guys may never get invited back.

[Via Idolator]
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