Luke Bryan Is Your New Drinking Buddy

Country Musician's Single to Be Sold Alongside Miller Lite in Stores

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Luke Bryan is a young, inoffensive country musician who sings about exactly two things: getting drunk and being kuntry. Unlike his peers, he's handsome in a suburban way, and his most popular ballad is perhaps the most touching conflation of God and automobiles since "Plastic Jesus."

He's the guy who slept through astronomy in the back of your lecture hall with his cowboy hat over his head, but he was always willing to tap the keg for you and save you from looking like a wuss in front of your girlfriend. Now, Bryan can accompany even more guys in their alcoholic pursuits, because Miller Lite has arranged to have his single, "All My Friends Say," sold alongside the low-cal brew in stores for the next year.

But that's just the foamy head. Look out for Bryan's picture on boxes, contests, live sponsorships, downloads and yes, in-store performances at Wal-Mart. From a press release:
"The Bryan family and Miller Lite go way way back," said Bryan, who records for Capitol Records Nashville, in a statement. "This is an amazing opportunity to be in partnership with such a long standing solid American brand like Miller Lite."
Waaaay back, like freshman year at Georgia Southern University, where he was a Sigma Chi. "All My Friends Say" is a pretty perfect choice to bring us full circle with those days, because it's about waking up after a heavy night of partying, with a beer in one's hand and a "neon tattoo." A bit of Googling suggests that's slang for a fictitious skin condition derived from spending too much time in the hot lights of a drinking establishment, but we can see through the poetic discourse to understand that he's clearly talking about peeing his pants.

We doubt many of you will be peeing your pants in anticipation, though. It seems rather odd to charge for a physical single these days, doesn't it? I know the economy's rough, but why not throw it in with the case or offer a download coupon, especially given that this single is nearly two years old. Like the finest of light beers, you probably won't notice the difference.

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