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Have Music Supervisors Been Looking to Relieve Us From the Economy?

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This isn't really newsworthy in any sort of "trend" sense (we don't think), but, for whatever reason, music supervisors seem to be picking up on the indie dance music lately. Are you guys already bored with cute singer-songwriter ladies!?

We assume creatives are just looking for a last-ditch effort to squeak into the highly anticipated "Best Ad Songs of the Year" list in the 2008 Ad Age Book of Tens, coming out December 15. Or perhaps these dancey commercials are intended to be a momentary escape from our moribund economy? Maybe they're just great tracks for selling stuff.

Here's some of the beats that have been thumping in our RSS reader in the last week:

This recent "Grand Theft Auto IV" ad features LCD Soundsystem's "Get Innocuous!" from last year's awesome "Sound of Silver." Glorified violence has never been so danceable.

This Toshiba ad for its line of upscaling flatscreens hurts our brain but kisses our ears with Crystal Castles' "Air War." Thanks guys, but ummm ... WTF?

Electro-pop artist Dan Deacon, in what he says is a first, licensed his song "Pink Batman" to Crayola for their new Glow Station. This crazy piece of tech apparently lets kids DRAW WITH LIGHT, something we could only do in our day by inhaling jalopy exhaust and then waving a candle quickly before the oxygen escaped from our brains and we blacked out. Kids today just take these things for granted.

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