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Pop Singer, Actress, Ryan Adams Betrothed Offers Free Single for P&G Brand

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Gain Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore is offering a free download of her new single through Gain.

It seems strangely fitting that Mandy Moore would become the future Mrs. Ryan Adams and a corporate shill in the same week.

The one-time "Candy" singer and "Saved!" star has signed up as the new spokesperson for Procter & Gamble's Gain for the laundry detergent's new "Love at First Sniff" campaign -- a tagline P&G sibling Old Spice is surely kicking themselves for not using. In typically over-earnest fashion, Moore waxes nostalgic about her first Gain-ful enjoyment in a video at [Ed. The site is down as of posting, but was up earlier this afternoon.] To hear her tell it, she had JUST returned from a trip and was staying with a friend, who ONLY uses Gain, and she began to do her laundry when this "WALL OF freshness, this WAVE of freshness sort of hit me I was kind of immediately obsessed, I don't know, it wasn't overwhelming, it wasn't perfumey, it just had that quintessential smell of what laundry should smell like. What you HOPE it should smell like."

Having met the singer in the (rose-colored) flesh before, Songs for Soap can vouch for Ms. Moore's own pleasant aroma, but really? She gets that excited about how good a laundry detergent smells? If it means enough to promote an upcoming album ("Amanda Leigh," due out in May), then I've got this great toothpaste to sell you. It doesn't do much for my teeth but my breath has never been fresher!

Apparently Mandy isn't alone in her extreme enthusiasm for Gain. P&G's Lauren Thaman says in a press release, "Lots and lots of Gain scent lovers have written us, shared pictures and created videos to profess the feelings they have about the scent of Gain. We decided to thank them by offering a forum to share their scent stories with others. We were so excited to discover Mandy Moore is a Gain fanatic, and we think she's an irresistible choice to lead the Gain scent movement!"

Mandy also gets our vote for best title for a free downloadable song from a marketing tie-in. Fans can download her new single, "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week," at right now. Heed that advice, Mr. Adams, lest Mandy end up joining the ranks of Parker Posey, Winona Ryder, Minnie Driver, Lindsay Lohan and that model chick.

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