MasterCard Lays It on a Bit Thick

New Spot Weighed Down by El Perro Del Mar

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Okay, so the punchline is really lame. I would have gone with "Spending less time looking like a yeti" or "Kurt Russell in 'The Thing'" or even 'an extra in 'Fargo,'" but what do I know about copywriting? This MasterCard ad is what is is; a guy in a giant parka buying stuff quickly with his PayPass card. And it features the lovely, lonely vocal talents of Swedish singer/songwriter Sarah Assbring, aka El Perro Del Mar.

Kudos to MacLaren McCann, Toronto, for picking such a dreamy, wafting tune like "Coming Down the Hill," but it's still a little perplexing. The song seems too leaden with feeling for a tongue-in-cheek spot about a guy who saves a few seconds by swiping a magnetic credit card instead of, well, swiping a magnetic credit card and maybe signing for it. It captures some of the frosty ambiance of late-night winter shopping, but, unless we're supposed to be wondering if this is the Angel of Death under that parka, this thing sags like a roof in a snowdrift.

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