Matt Pinfield Involved in Red Bull Records

NY Post Reveals Exclusive Scoop About Branded Label

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The Post is pumping its story up as an "exclusive," but we all sorta knew this was the reason Red Bull was building its own studio in Santa Monica, Calif. According to the paper, the energy drink company is hoping to get its branded label off the ground by year's end, and it's been giving away studio time to indie rock bands as a carrot to sign with them.

From the NY Post:
"They see a wide-open lane for rock," said one source who has used Red Bull's studio. "They are a lifestyle-based brand that does a lot with snowboarders, skaters, the young Hollywood set, so they think they could have success breaking rock bands."

Sources said Red Bull's studio is being run by former Universal A&R rep Greg Hammer, who's also handling marketing through his Grace Marketing company. Sources also said Matt Pinfield, former VJ for MTV's "Headbanger's Ball," and a woman named Heaven MacPherson are also involved in the project, though they were unsure in what capacity.
But there, ladies and gentlemen is the real scoop: Matt Pinfield is involved in the project! Talk about a buried lede!

No one went on the record to talk about the initiative, but Red Bull's interactive marketing manager Nate Warner, who (according to a WHOIS domain lookup) purchased the domain last July, would be a good place to start.

At a time when the record industry is hurting, it'll be a challenge for Red Bull to best the majors at their own game. But it's perfectly likely you'll never see Red Bull records alongside Warner records at your local Target; if the company's smart, this label will be a chance to leverage singles across ad campaigns and build up a serious web presence a la RCRD LBL and use it to distribute its own branded tunes. But we'll have to wait for more details ...

[Via Daily Swarm / NY Post]
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